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On this website, you’ll find all the details regarding the business, the property and its surroundings. If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, or if you are interested and would like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Hotel Anachoreo
Calle Camboyana
Santa Fe, Panama

+507 6911 4848

Welcome to Anachoreo!

Hotel Restaurant Anachoreo opened in 2011 and has since made a name for itself as one of the top places to stay and dine in Santa Fe. The hotel currently has 4 spacious rooms with private ensuite bathrooms in each. There is also a self-contained casita with 2 smaller sized rooms, kitchenette and full bathroom. The latter was recently finished in spring 2018.

While the current capacity can accommodate 15 people, there is good potential to expand with stand-alone cabins in the garden. See the property tab below for more information.

Anachoreo was opened as an alternative to the (backpacker) hostels Santa Fe already had. Apart from backpackers, Santa Fe attracts a great many nature lovers that are willing to spend a bit more on their accommodation; Anachoreo caters to that demand.

Our (current) 4 rooms can accommodate up to 12 people. All rooms have a private bathroom and the shared porch offers the most stunning view in Santa Fe. While designing the rooms we opted for simple and spacious. The rooms have high ceilings which alleviate the need for air conditioning. WI-FI is available but we’ve chosen not to offer television in the rooms as the typical guest will either spend their day hiking or reading a book in their hammock overlooking the garden.

The Hotel

Since we are located just outside of Santa Fe town center we can offer the peace and quiet of the countryside while at the same time shops and services are only 10 minutes away by foot.

Our relatively small size, combined with our gorgeous location and the casual atmosphere of the hotel, attracts a specific kind of tourist. We aim at people that appreciate a personal approach and a high level of service and who are willing to pay for that. The larger part of our clientèle originates from North America and Western Europe.

The high-season for tourism in Santa Fe coincides with the local climate and the temperatures elsewhere on the globe. The dry season in Panama starts somewhere in December and lasts until May, these are also the busiest months for the hotel. A notable exception are the months of July and August; the summer holidays in North America and Europe.

The Restaurant

Aside from the hotel, we also run a restaurant that caters to guests, tourists and the local (expat) community. Many of our hotel guests appreciate the possibility of full board. The restaurant seats up to 20 people and the patio in front of the restaurant can be used to seat people outside. While the spacious kitchen could handle a larger amount of diners we’ve decided to put quality over quantity, in line with our vision for the hotel.

Our restaurant was met with very positive reviews in a.o. the Lonely Planet and stands in high regard with the local (expat) community and local hotel owners. Therefor we don’t have to rely on our guests alone to occupy the tables. The restaurant enjoys a large amount of recurring local customers and ‘referrals’ from other hotels.

While our chefs unfortunately won’t be included in the transaction there is ample opportunity for continuing the business. Santa Fe doesn’t offer a lot in terms of restaurants. While there are a couple of cantina’s that target the local population and one or two locally owned restaurants that aim at tourists as well the overall experience doesn’t always meet expectations. In other words: a well run restaurant with a quality menu aimed at western tourists will undoubtedly do very well.

We grow a large part of our ingredients ourselves or buy them from local sources. Anything which can’t be locally sourced can be bought in Santiago, the province capital, which is less than an hour away by car.

The Property & Surroundings

Hotel Anachoreo is located on the very edge of Santa Fe, approximately a kilometer from town centre. Our rooms, porch and garden offer a unique unobstructed view of the Santa Maria river valley and the mountains of Santa Fe national park.

The Buildings

The hotel was built on a 2315 m2 plot of land bordering cattle pastures on the one side and a forested valley on the other. It is far enough away from town centre to retain a country side atmosphere yet close enough to have all amenities within walking distance.

The valley, which measures approximately 2000 m2, isn’t part of the property but has been integrated into the garden with the blessings of the local authorities. It will be possible to claim ownership through adverse possession and add it to the plot in the near future.

Hotel Anachoreo’s main building has a floor area of 235 m2 with an additional 100 m2 in roofed walkways and terraces. The central hall (our restaurant) measures 64 m2 with a ceiling at 6 metres. Bordering the central hall you’ll find the 24 m2 kitchen on the one side and the toilets, office and a spare room (measuring 24 m2 in total) on the other. Our four 30 m2 hotel rooms are located in the wings of the building.

The main building was constructed using concrete over Structural Insulated Panels (SIP). The roof was done using standard cement roof panels over a metal frame.

The building isn’t air conditioned. Night in Santa Fe are relatively cool due to its mountain climate and the steady northern breeze combined with the buildings positioning keeps everything comfortable and well ventilated.

The secondary building, which was recently finished, houses two hotel rooms, a shared bathroom and a guest kitchen on the ground floor and a spare room and bathrooom in the semi basement. The ground floor measures 36 m2, the semi basement measures 18 m2. There is an 18 m2 utility room and tool shed attached to the semi basement. The secondary building was built on the slope of the valley using concrete blocks, it was roofed in the same fashion as the main building. The ground floor is on the same level as the main building. The semi-basement and utility room can be reached by a staircase. Since Santa Fe lacks sewerage both buildings have a separate septic system. Hot water is obtained by means of a gas water heater. Gas tanks (also used for cooking) can be obtained from the local supermarket.

Hotel Anachoreo sits at the end of a dead end street and the street is used as our parking lot. We have space for ca. 8 cars in front of the building which is usually more than enough. More parking space can be found 50 meters up the road.

The Gardens

The plot of land on which Anachoreo was built had been in use as a cattle pasture for decades and was severely degraded. Terraces were constructed to prevent further soil erosion and with a lot of love, time and effort (and copious amounts of compost) we’ve managed to convert the plot back into arable land. About 2/3 of the plot is in use as an actual garden. Apart from a wide variety of ornamental plants, shrubs and trees we also use it to grow herbs, vegetables and tropical fruits.

The back of the garden has been terraced as well but hasn’t been cultivated yet. It is partly covered in shrubbery and partly used to grow Yuca. It is the perfect location for constructing one or more standalone cabins. A mere 30 metres away from the main building the area is hidden from view by the cultivated part of the garden in between. Everything being on a slope, a cabin wouldn’t obstruct the view from the hotel. Connections for water and power are nearby due to the vicinity of a watered and powered garden shed. A shared lavatory could be connected to the main building’s septic system, which is located downhill from the main building in the garden. Showers would need a separate gas or solar powered hot water system.

Santa Fe

Santa Fe is an area of astonishing natural beauty. The town borders Santa Fe national park on three sides and remains relatively unspoiled. Nature and hiking are what attract tourists to Santa Fe. The fact that Santa Fe is ‘off the beaten track’ also means that its touristic infrastructure is not that well developed. You’ll find no tourist information center or a walking guide detailing hikes into nature.

Most hotels (as do we) offer guided tours into the park and several ‘home-made’ hiking tours. Other activities in the vicinity include horse-back riding and river-tubing. Santa Fe is famous for its innumerable waterfalls, the rivers are crystal clear and there are quite a few pretty swimming holes within walking distance of town.

The town itself is an archetypal rural middle American community. Its people derive most of their income from farming and live an unhurried lifestyle. Visitors appreciate the laid-back and relaxed atmosphere of Santa Fe. People are genuinely friendly and welcoming towards foreigners. Crime, apart from the occasional petty theft, is virtually non-existent and the streets are safe at night.