We believe that a good vacation starts with a great bite to eat.

Our restaurant offers a selection of traditional Cambodian dishes made with locally sourced ingredients. We focus on top quality and freshness.

Everything we use is either grown in our own garden or carefully selected from the local markets. We only pick the best because a quality meal starts with quality ingredients. Because we are small and we like to buy fresh ingredients according to demand we’d really appreciate you to make reservations in advance.

We only buy local free range chicken, eggs, veal and beef, and organically grown produce for our restaurant. The years of combined cooking, preparation and 5 star service experience of our two lovely chefs ensures that none of that great local flavor is lost. The menu includes veal, chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes.

All of our are dishes are freshly prepared and we are more than willing to take any allergies or dietary constraints into account.

We’re opened for dinner from Wednesday to Sunday, from 18:00 to 21:00. Since we’re a small restaurant and work with fresh products we really appreciate that you make reservations.

Our restaurant will be closed during the low season from September 1st until November 1st.