Santa Fe is the ideal destination for nature lovers.

The town is unspoiled by mass tourism and borders the rain forests of Santa Fe National Park. This makes it a perfect starting point for hikes and guided tours.

Santa Fe’s most famous attraction is its many waterfalls. We’ve mapped out hikes to the some of the nicest and we’re always willing to give you directions. We can also make arrangements for guided tours deeper into the rain forest. We work with a select few English speaking tour guides that we have good experience with. They offer anything ranging from hikes into the mysterious world of Santa Fe’s cloud forests to 4×4 tours and horse back riding.

Another popular past-time in Santa Fe is relaxing along the banks of one of our many crystal clear rivers. Anachoreo is within walking distance of quite a few of Santa Fe’s prettiest swimming holes. For those feeling adventurous; you can go river-tubing down the rapids on the Santa-Maria river.

If you’re looking for a less strenuous way to spend your time with us, there is plenty of opportunity for that too. Pay a visit to the organic farm of Chong and Maria or have Jeff and Karina show you around their coffee plantation. A visit to the village of Guabal should also be on the recommendation program. The 1 hour bus ride will take you straight through the National Park and the views on the way are something out of a fairytale.

The fact that Santa Fe remains unspoiled also means that there is no formal tourist infrastructure yet. Santa Fe doesn’t have a tourist information center and you won’t find an official travel guide with hikes through its surroundings. But have no fear. We consider it our duty as your host to make your time in Santa Fe as unforgettable as possible. We’ll gladly make arrangements for tours, help you on your way with hikes and provide you with all the necessary information regarding Santa Fe and its surroundings.