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Sustainable Comfort

July 10, 2020 by Sineth Pov

Our Story

Discover our story, a unique hotel that combines authentic local experiences with a touch of our Cambodian homeland for a truly memorable stay.

Hotel owner, Sineth Pov was born and raised in Cambodia’s rural countryside. As a child she wished to be taken away in a UN helicopter, “I wished to know what it would feel like to be sitting in one of them. I would run yelling into the air happily after them.” 

Sineth later moved to the city where she studied tourism and started working in the hospitality service, and then in a 5-star hotel. With this experience, she began dreaming of running her own hotel someday. “I imagined myself as an owner stepping into my own restaurant, smelling all the delicious food, and creating wonderful experiences for travelers.”

She would see posters of beautiful countries with snow and watch movies with tall buildings, trains, and high-technology. She dreamed of traveling the world. 

That dream came true in 2009 when Sineth first arrived in Santa Fe. She rented a small place and converted it into a Hostel & Bistro. A couple of years later, with the help of an investor, Sineth was able to start building her dream hotel. Anachoreo opened in 2011 with 4 rooms and a restaurant serving up traditional Cambodian food. 

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Sineth is currently taking time to return to her studies and travel with her boyfriend, Herman. They hope to bring back new ideas and inspiration to continue to build Anachoreo into an inspiring and memorable place for travelers to come and relax. Rest assured, our guests are still in good hands with the help of our friendly and attentive staff.

Without our intrepid chef at the helm, we decided to reinvent Anachoreo to a new concept without a Cambodian dinner. Guests will find more opportunities for nature hiking and local tour activities, and we are expanding our wellness services to include massage, yoga and meditation. 

Our guests inspire us! From watching their impressions when they first step outside and take in the spectacular mountain view to enjoying a peaceful evening sitting on the terrace at night looking up at the stars and sharing their experiences of Santa Fe with us. 

Listening to these stores has led us to focus on creating mindful experiences and reconnecting with nature. We do this by taking care of the communities and ecosystems that surround us. We’re always working to improve our sustainability practices and invite our guests to give us suggestions and inspiration. 

We welcome you to share your knowledge and your experiences with us.

Our philosophy

Our greatest experiences are achieved through travel. At Anachoreo, we have the opportunity to share the experience of Panama and its nature. It is a place of respite from the pressures of modern-day living. To self-reflect and re-connect to nature, where people from different backgrounds and beliefs feel welcomed and are inspired to re-energize themselves.

Our values


Respect for all life. Respect for nature. Respect for our communities. 


We support our community by employing local residents and purchasing local products, and working together with local micro-businesses to fulfill guest needs.


Find peace of mind by slowing down and enjoying the present moment. Immerse yourself in the experience.